10 thoughts on “Home

  1. manpreetkashyap says:

    Lovely pics to show emotions of every type.. Sorry but i copied few of them. hope you will not mind

    • bhupendrapanchal says:

      oh really, not a prob enjoy dude..!

  2. Mayur Kajal says:

    all photos is so very nice and good posting, i like all pic please Sher new photos and new shayari.

    • bhupendrapanchal says:


    • bhupendrapanchal says:

      Thanks mayur..

  3. Bindi Vaja says:

    your site is superrrrrrr…:)

    • bhupendrapanchal says:

      Ho really?

  4. Gokul Durai says:

    Lovely pictures, feeling lighter and life is full of different feelings, like we are enjoying different tastes in food we should be ready to feel the moments whatever come across in our life either Happier or sadder,

  5. Meenakshi Pandey says:

    i have written around 200 shayaris and I want to get it published,so could you help me with that?

  6. shayarbabu says:


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